Pyrolysis-GC analytical method has been used extensively for analysis of polymer and other non-volatile organic compounds.  JAI has been a pioneer in developing  pyrolyzers using the Curie point method of heating.  The sample is enclosed in a ferromagnetic metal, Pyrofoil, or deposited on ferromagnetic wire, Pyrowire, which is placed in a flow path of a GC carrier gas and in a RF field.  The foil or the wire is rapidly heated to the Curie point of the metal with the induction of radio frequency.  Temperature is reached instantaneously, less than 0.2 second.  Twenty-one Pyrofoils and ten Pyrowires, each with distinct Curie point temperature, are available for analyzing wide range of compounds. 

World's first portable pyrolyzer, does not require complicated installation to a GC.  Injection of pyrolysis compound is easy as liquid injection with a syringe.  Solid and liquid samples can be injected as well as outgas or VOC.  
Advanced portable pyrolyzer, with precise quantitative mode utilizing improved constant flow feature.  Added features include analysis of VOC from mini-PAT (purge & trap adsorption tube).  The JCI-55 controller has a convenient baking oven for the min-PAT to remove water and/or solvent to achieve clean background.


Upgraded auto pyrolyzer with auto-sampler of forty (40) sample capacity.  New features include 5.7 inch LCD with touch screen buttons for ease of programming.  The maximum oven temperature is 400o C.  Incorporates on column injection  with extreme low dead volume.  Sample directly contacts the heating element, Pyrofoil, resulting in instantaneous pyrolysis          (<200 nanoseconds) and high reproducibility.