JAI introduces for the next generation of recycling preparative HPLC the NEXT series.  It features compact design with optional PC software for ease of setup and data acquisition.  The NEXT incorporates an unique sample recycling capability which enables the chemist to achieve optimum separation with high sample loading.  After passing through the column the partially separated components are returned to the head of the column and the recycling steps continued until adequate separation is achieved.  In addition, the mobile phase is recycled resulting in tremendous decrease in solvent consumption.  DyChrom offer three models to fit the budget of every laboratory.

LaboACE LC-5060
New generation of cost effective unit with small footprint (11 in. x 16.5 in.).  Can easily be controlled from 5.7 in. touch panel screen.  Pump start/stop, flow rate, detector output, recycling and fraction collection as well as auto cleanup are controlled from either LCD touch panel or through optional JAI Scan software with a PC.


LC-9110 NEXT/LC-9130 NEXT

Complete automated operation can be performed from injection to collection.  All functions can programmed either through touch screen menus on front panel or through PC with optional Prepure software.  The operation is stored in memory and can be repeated for subsequent injections.


Ultimate recycling system for high throughput HPLC.  Available with either 200ml/min pump or 500ml/min pump with reciprocating triple plunger.  The system includes fraction collector of 15 fraction capacity as standard.  As with all NEXT series, available with UV detector and/or refractive index detector.